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Be Bright! BE BOLD! BE You!

Welcome to Colorful Kisses by Scarred Beauty! Our amazing matte liquid lipstick formula is a waterproof, transfer proof, and long lasting!  PLUS it still provides an extremely lightweight feel. Our collection comes in a range of beautiful bold colors down to your perfect warm nudes!

A message from Scarred Beauty

Hi Babes,

We are all scarred beauties;  some physically, some emotionally, and some both! But you are greater than your scars! Scars and battle wounds are only a sign that you survived. Despite what society has defined as beautiful, YOU ARE ALL SCARRED AND DESIGNED BEAUTIFULLY!

Here at scarred beauty we are on a mission to make the world a little brighter by filling it with love and Colorful Kisses! BE YOU, BE BOLD, BE MAGICAL....and remember to always KISS IN COLOR

XoXo, SJ.